Apr 25, 2008

Melatonin and sleep disorders

Recently there are many people who have sleep disorders, and nowadays there are also many drugs in the markets that can trigger sleep and helping people with this disorders, but many kinds of these drugs can cause undesired side effects. Melatonin, as the natural hormone takes an important role in human sleep cycle, is expected to be the safest choice to solve this problem.

The writer have done an observation on purpose to know the effect of melatonin on the simple reaction time.

This little experiment involve 12 male students of the Maranatha Christian University Bandung-Indonesia as the subjects. The measurement of the simple reaction time was done to these 12 male students with variety of ages are 20-22 years old,towards red light, yellow light, green light, and blue light ten times each. This measurements was done before and after consuming 1 tablet of melatonin (3 mg), afterwards it was measured every five minutes until 50 minutes. The data was analyzed with paired t-test (alpha=0,05)

The average simple reaction time after consuming melatonin for the green light are 0.331 seconds, the blue 0.330 seconds, the yellow 0.319 seconds, and the red 0.337 seconds. This results shows that the simple reaction time are longer than before: the green light 0.223 seconds, blue light 0.225, yellow light 0.212, and the red light 0.215 (p<0.05).>


Yudhi Gejali said...

so, don't ever eat that melatonin tablet when you drive!! he..he..

But, i don't know??
Is Melatonin Tab, can be sedative therapy??

Medical revolution said...

many experiment show that melatonin can act as a sedative, and it also increases the sleep quality..

Daniel Witanto said...

The research of melatonin maybe still continued, because they thinl it can be use as the forever young pills