Jun 5, 2008

Metabolic syndrome increase Brain attack

Eventough metabolic syndrome has been linked with the increasing risk of stroke, but the relation between this disorder with the subclinical ischemic lession has not been figured clearly. Dr. Hirokazu bokura and friends from Shimura University, Japan, doing the cross sectional study about MRI scan on 1.151 generally healthy volunteer.

After considering many variable such as age, sex, and smoking habit, the researcher found there is significant connection between some of symptoms of the metabolic syndrome with the arising silent brain infarct. It is reported that the patients that have one component of metabolic syndrome have 1,49 times higher risk to suffer this silent brain infarct, meanwhile the subject with four components of metabolic syndrome have 4,71 times higher risk.

If the components of this metabolic syndrome are seen individually, then hypertension is seen correlated with the increasing risk of periventricular hyperintensity lession and subcortical white substance lession (substantia alba). The abnormal metabolism of glucose increase the risk for them both, meanwhile dislipidemia increasing the risk of subcortical substantia alba lession 1,40 times, but did not increase the risk of periventricular hyperintensity significantly.

The researcher conclude that there is a positive connection between the metabolic syndrome with the arising silent brain lession, and this can be used as the diagnostic to predict and prevent stroke in the future.

Source: Medical update medicine, may08, p.20. (Stroke,2008,doi:10.1161/STROKEAHA.107.508630).
Picture taken from abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory?id=4204233 &www.biij.org/2006/2/e16


Yudhi Gejali said...

In this era..
Our life style, full of junk food..
How can we not to be Metabolic...??
(just kidding...)

Daniel Witanto said...

Yes, but with some regular exercise, healthy food, some amounts of vegetables, fruits, or maybe supplements, we can reduce and control this metabolic things. We should keep fighting this metabolic things, keep our body well shaped and fit

Erik Tapan said...

Banyak trims atas kunjungan di blog saya.
Rupanya ts pengamat lingkungan hidup juga yha.
Boleh donk bagi-bagi ceritanya.

salam kota hijau,
Erik Tapan

Daniel Witanto said...

Ya.. bumi kita perlu kepedulian kita, let's love our earth..