Jul 15, 2008

Global Warming

On this opportunity let me discuss about warm topic recently, it's about global warming, of course we have heard it. Can you imagine that this earth is melting because of us? what has been done by our ancestor maybe bad and destructive, but right now we should stop blaming whoever, let's start from ourself, let's do our best to save this earth where we life and grow together.

Have you seen the documentary movie "Earth", if you haven't please go to the dvd rental now and watch this film, and hope this film can open our eyes and our heart, how sad is our mother earth, how the polar bear die because of human, how the whale become extinct because there is no enough krills to eat, the polar ice is melting widely, the sea level surface is increasing, storm , earthquake and tsunami everywhere.. it's disaster, what have we done?

Our God trusts us to reserve this land, make it bloom, green, flowery, beautiful, for everyone's sake, for you and for me and the entire human being (remember mike's song: Heal the world), but human is just a human with passion, and greed, with it's proud with the technology, industrial revolution, born of machine In one side it has a huge advantages for human, but in other side it makes human easier to exploit this earth greedily for their own wealth ignoring the ecosystem balance and try to make this screaming earth silence with the pollution, the waste?.. but this earth is more powerful than we expect it struggling against human, the destructor, until it's end.. and maybe..maybe this is near end, the end of the world?.. our earth is dying..

What Will You Do For This Dying Earth?

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Great Music said...

Hopefully our earth will be better...

Daniel Witanto said...

Let us save our earth together, save the energy, reduce fuel usage, check your car's emission, reduce pollution, for our sake.. for our health

Luluch The Cinnamon said...

Nonton Vuduciel di Metro Tv,jd serem melihat deforestasi all around the world dan akses ke air bersih yg susah. Hope that we can provide a better "earth"

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Rekan-rekan sejawat dokter lainnya jg silahkan bergabung :)

Daniel Witanto said...

@luluch betul banget nonton Vuduciel di metro itu serem banget, ada pollar bear yang sampe kuruuuus banget tinggal bulu sama tulang... menyedihkan