Sep 8, 2008

MSG Induces Pain , is it true?

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) commonly known as "Vetsin" is used widely among Indonesian people, and may also all over the country, it is used commonly in cooking, to add a good taste in food, especially various Chinese food, so that we often hear about Chinese restaurant syndrome, where we can find people having headache, flashing, sweating, numbness or burning around the mouth, sense of facial pressure or swelling, rapid heart rate, even decreased air entry into the lungs. Some media even called it the poison in the pantry. There is finding lately that MSG can induce pain.

There is evidence that elevated tissue concentrations of glutamate may contribute to pain and sensitivity in certain musculoskeletal pain conditions. In the present study, the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) was injected intravenously into rats to determine whether it could significantly elevate interstitial concentrations of glutamate in the masseter muscle and whether MSG administration could excite and/or sensitize slowly conducting masseter afferent fibers through N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor activation.

The present results indicate that a 2- to 3-fold elevation in interstitial glutamate levels in the masseter muscle is sufficient to excite and induce afferent mechanical sensitization through NMDA receptor activation. These findings suggest that modest elevations of interstitial glutamate concentration could alter musculoskeletal pain sensitivity in human.

So if you experience unexplainable reason of muscle pain, remember what have you eat lately, is it contain MSG?

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Anonymous said...

MSG is used widely in Oriental cultures. However these cultures have a diet significantly higher in fish consumption, which counteracts the effects of glutamates of all kinds. So therefore MSG does not have AS significant a factor in a fish-high diet. When you flood the beef-eating American diet with glutamates (or MSG), a diet which is usually not rich in fish, glutamates can have a MUCH higher significance of side effects, such as irritable bowel syndroms, headaches, pain, seizures, behavioral symptoms, high blood pressure, depression, hyperactivity, and other symptoms that the American doctors would kindly treat with a pill, rather than tell the patient to stop eating glutamates, or MSG. The American food system has re-named MSG with 15 other names so the Americans think they are not eating it, when in fact, glutamates are now in our fruits and vegetables, sprayed on as fertilizer from the time the plant flowers and buds and finally makes a vegetabe, so you CANNOT wash it off. It is inside. Now, an American cannot pick up WHOLE foods, such as zucchini or Cucumber, and be free of Glutamates. This is why the medical profession is making so much money. Take a blood pressure drug, and keep eating glutamates. If you stop eating glutamates, your blood pressure will drop so much that you will be hospitalized and they will feed you some more glutamates so your high blood pressure medication will not kill you. Think about that!