Sep 17, 2008

Melatonin research

At the beginning of this blog i wrote an article about melatonin, the hormones that is produced by the Pineal gland in located in the human brain, the mid section between the Cerebrum and the Cerebellum. I wrote this article based on the mini experimental study and only conclude that melatonin lengthening the reaction time.

There is many theory and hypothesis about melatonin, the most popular said that melatonin is the key for human long life, is it true?

I become very interested about this thing when I read the experiment done by American professor to the mice, there are two mice, one is old and dying, the other is young, fit and healthy. Then their pineal gland is switch one another. The result is, the old and dying mouse becomes healthy, fit and look much younger, and contrary the young mouse becomes sick, dying and die young.

There is many study about melatonin, I believe, and I hope there is many people interested to prove this, for it may be..., just may be the recipe to make human forever young, and aged over than 100 years

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