Dec 6, 2008

Air Pollution can Induce Appendicitis

The newest research of Dr. Gilaad G. Kaplan from the University of Calgary and Environment Canada's National Air Pollution Surveylance (NAPS), has identified 5000 Appendicitis patient in 1999 until 2006. The result shows that this disease is induced by the ozone substances consentrate such as Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, etc, that also polluting the air.

These air and ozone pollutants can induce inflamation of human being, and corelated with Appendicitis (Appendix bowel inflamation). Other research that compare ozone concentrate in different days show that there is 15% more amounts of patients in the lower ozone concentration.

To decrease this risk, we clearly have to increase the air quality make it clear from these horrible pollutant.

Source: Prevention magazine, page 16, December 2008
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